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3D Infographist and Unity integrator I have more than 2 years of relevant experience. Highly involved in video games and serious game’ conception you will find hereby a pallet of my current and past projects and accomplishments.
TABORY Mathieu
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Description :

Serious Game designed for the French University of Pau et des Pays de L'Adour. The application will help with the learning of first and second year students of STAPS (Tarbes).
This project was built on a narrow collaboration with relevant professors.

Work :

  • Only Graphist in the project.
  • Integration in Unity.
  • Creation of all 3D assets and their LOD (Level Of Details).
  • Creation of all the lighting and shadow mapping.
  • Management of the project and the team.
  • Creation of the game design and the level design.

Description :

The game is composed of two levels to explore. We created a hub level were the player have the opportunity to study by answering different questions in order to go continue their exploration.
Every bookshelf is dynamically filled with books the player finds during his/her exploration of the levels.
The 4 tv screen in the middle are the only way to answer all the course-related questions and to be able to further progress in the game.

Description :

We created a two-level maze composed of classrooms. All the rooms are connected by a door or a window, used by the player to find where the good path is.
Each classroom is filled with random objects. The player has to find the good books before going back in the hub and study.
Every aspect of the game is meant to force the player to lose time and to try to improve (idea based on a sport/school challenge). However, the learning-process and the knowledge acquired in the meantime are the most important feature.

Description :

It is important to remember that it is a sport school. Consequently, we created a gymnasium.

Description :

To finish with the different room in this project we got the amphitheatre

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