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3D Infographist and Unity integrator I have more than 2 years of relevant experience. Highly involved in video games and serious game’ conception you will find hereby a pallet of my current and past projects and accomplishments.
TABORY Mathieu
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Please, feel free to contact me for any inquiry of job proposition:

 +336 71 96 05 00

Please, feel free to contact any of my ex co worker to know more about me:

Michael Mathieu:

Directeur de BU Aéronautique / Spatial / Défense / Cybersécurité chez LR Technologies

Sebastien Bru:

Consulting innovation & serious games // Grands comptes + startups + jeu video = Innovation.
Ancient Ad Invaders Director.
Mickael Feral:

Chef d'entreprise, IJ-STUDIO

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